It's going to be Iconic.
12 | ICONS SUPER EPISODEListen now (67 min) | Tj and Omo have an announcement to make. Then they break down the tournament patch and the tournament itself.
Why SEN Rest thinks NA has a better chance at Icons than we did at HorizonWatch now (16 min) | And which region he bets won't get out of Play-Ins
11 | SEN Rest + The 5 Best ADCsListen now (66 min) | Tj interviews Sentinels ADC Rest about his upcoming trip to Icons, then argues with OMO about the best Dragon Lane carries.
10 | The "A" patch & the WRL's E-teamListen now (42 min) | China's fourth seed is replaced by their fifth at ICONS and Patch 3.2a came out
may be the most important patch in Wild Rift's history
09 | Patch Notes & ICONS Group DrawListen now (59 min) | Plus Tj does some diagrammatic analysis of Omo's character
08 | The Esports Super-EpisodeListen now (40 min) | Tj and Omo are back from WNS and WCS with some thoughts on their regions.
07 | Patch 3.1A changes some important numbers / WNS finals Preview Listen now (38 min) | While Omo sleeps on a beach somewhere, Tj slaves away in the sweltering hot take mines.
06 | Esports Finals & the Great State of ChicagoListen now (63 min) | Tj & Omo debate the best supports, talk about regional finals, and establish some American geography
05 | Shen and the state of WCS Listen now (54 min) | Plus Omo's very upset by ADC players
04 | New Item Rumors & WNS PreviewListen now (64 min) | Tj & OMO preview the next WNS Major and lean on OMO's coaching experience.