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December 2022

Going Clubbing On A Concrete Slab.

November 2022

Read to the end for Godzilla: Tekken and a bonus train picture.
Read till the end for Goth Target like you've never seen it before.
I think the console wars will be won by the web browser.
What's happened in the last few months, and what to expect going forward.

June 2022

It's going to be Iconic.
12 | ICONS SUPER EPISODEListen now (67 min) | Tj and Omo have an announcement to make. Then they break down the tournament patch and the tournament itself.
Why SEN Rest thinks NA has a better chance at Icons than we did at HorizonWatch now (16 min) | And which region he bets won't get out of Play-Ins
11 | SEN Rest + The 5 Best ADCsListen now (66 min) | Tj interviews Sentinels ADC Rest about his upcoming trip to Icons, then argues with OMO about the best Dragon Lane carries.

May 2022

10 | The "A" patch & the WRL's E-teamListen now (42 min) | China's fourth seed is replaced by their fifth at ICONS and Patch 3.2a came out
may be the most important patch in Wild Rift's history