Tanks for asking about it.
How the WNS could win the first WNS Major
More like patch 3.no stop harassing developers
It's going to be Iconic.
The season starts next month, but China's best have already started play.
All beauty is temporary. Decay and death haunt every breath we take.
12 | ICONS SUPER EPISODEListen now (67 min) | Tj and Omo have an announcement to make. Then they break down the tournament patch and the tournament itself.
01 | Top 5 ADC's + Qualifications and TribulationsListen now (46 min) | Tj & Omo kick off by reviewing the qualifiers for Season 1 of Wild Rift Esports before arguing about the top 5 duo lane carries.
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may be the most important patch in Wild Rift's history